Our Focus

We are specialized in the core topics around the efficient implementation and continuous use of Office365 and SharePoint. And that is what we are really good at.

  • Impulses for change - Lateral thinking and creativity are an integral part of IT for us
  • Employee activation - With our method, employees are actively involved and the project does not fall asleep.
  • The Cloud/SharePoint as standard - customizing and coding can be done by anyone. We show how it works without; -)
  • Know-How and Enthusiasm - We live SharePoint & Office365 and collaborative work for over 7 years.

And that's what our customers say about us:


Nuboworkers has been with us since September 2016 and advises on SharePoint programming (including Nintex forms and workflows) as well as MS Office analyses of SharePoint-based data. All the tasks we carry out at Nuboworkers are processed quickly and thoroughly, and delivered in excellent quality. Particularly noteworthy is the patience, motivation and initiative that the team brings with them; Nuboworkers always respond quickly to spontaneous inquiries and have already contributed helpful suggestions for improvements to systems and processes on several occasions.

– Dr. Katharina Nothelfer, CUREVAC AG


Die nuboworkers sind bei consalco. als SharePoint Berater an Bord und helfen uns in der Organisationsentwicklung mit der internen digitalen Transformation. Dabei gefällt uns besonders: die haben eine Engelsgeduld, starke Nerven und bislang auf jede Frage eine Antwort. Ganz konkret bekommen wir von Nadja Schäfer und Markus Kawollek eine strategische Beratung dazu, wie wir Office 365 sinnvoll einsetzen und am meisten davon profitieren. Die beiden nuboworker entwerfen Konzeptionen, bauen Strukturen auf, schulen Mitarbeiter und führen das digitale Notizbuch OneNote bei uns ein (nach anfänglicher Skepsis sind jetzt alle von OneNote begeistert).

– Dorothee Grzegorek von consalco. IT-Systemhaus, Allround-IT-Dienstleister und Service-Partner für Industrie und mittelständische Betriebe in der Technologieregion rund um München.