The implementation of Office 365 or SharePoint is a project, which contains a lot of organisation. Consequently, it is a strategic decision. We will advise you in Strategy Board and management. That is how you can develop a profitable, future oriented strategy to use the variety of functions of Office 365 or SharePoint.


Beginning with A as App Roll-Out to Z as certification: We offer holistic solution concepts for SharePoint and Office 365.

Workplace 4.0

There is no digital transformation without cultural change. By using our method “discover it, use it, change it” we guide your employees to new technologies and establish a sustainable workflow and business processes.

Workshops und Training Courses

Strategy workshops, user- or administrator training: everyone who has come to know us is aware that we do not offer more than a run of the mill explanation of functions. Our trainings and workshops are professional, lively and contain 100% practical relevance.

Project Management & Service Control

We speak user- as well as IT-language. Our functions as strategic project manager is to control the professional and technical coordination between development-, business- and IT- units.

One Note Consulting

Microsoft OneNote is extremely versatile. Nadja Schäfer, one of the CEOs, will show you how to use OneNote efficiently, and to optimise the benefits, in production, shift operation, for project work, self-organisation, documentation or in the management.